Dr. Eric C. Hu

Dr. Eric C. Hu




1997 – Albert Einstein College Of Medicine, Bronx, NY


1992 – Harvard College, Cambridge, MA

Cum Laude in Biomedical Engineering


• 2005-2007 Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Division of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

Jackson, Mississippi

• 2004-2005 Fellowship in Microsurgery and Complex Reconstruction

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Center for Microsurgery and Complex Reconstruction

Jackson, Mississippi

• 1997-2002 General Surgery Residency

Saint Vincents Catholic Medical Center-Manhattan

Department of Surgery

New York Medical College


• The James H. Hendrix, Jr Lectureship Best Presentation Award, 2006

• The James H. Hendrix, Jr Lectureship Best Presentation Award, 2005

• Jack and Pearl Resnick Scholarship, 1993-1995

• Harvard College Scholarship, 1988-1992

• Robert Byrd Scholarship, 1988-1990

• Harvard Dean’s list, 1988-1992

• Los Angeles High School high jump championship, 1988

• Board Certified




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