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About Your Visit

At the Advanced Surgical Institute, we take great pride in the fact that you have chosen our facilities to undergo your surgical procedure.

A member of our staff will explain the experience you can expect in greater detail, but here you can find a basic overview of your visit including some simple instructions and directives.

Prior to Surgery

Before receiving your surgical procedure a representative from ASI will discuss all necessary financials including your insurance coverage (when applicable), deductibles, or co-pays you may be subject to as well as offer clarification on any questions you may have.

One of our nurses will contact you before your procedure to provide you with specific directives related to preparation for your surgery. Depending on the type of procedure you will be undergoing and any personal needs you may have these instructions may vary, but it is common to expect the following:

  • Do not eat or drink past midnight the evening before your surgery. If surgery is schedule in the late afternoon, you may eat toast and drink clear liquids up to 6 hours before you arrive.
  • Do not consume alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours prior to arriving.
  • Do not smoke tobacco for several weeks leading up to the procedure. Discuss this specifically with your surgeon if you are a smoker.
  • Remove any body jewelry, makeup, or nail polish.
  • Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable for your visit.
  • Leave your valuables at home.


After you have arrived and checked-in, a nurse will admit you to the pre-operative area where you will be prepped for surgery. Preparation will include a discussion with the anesthesiologist and a nurse completing your history and assessment. At this time you will receive an IV (intravenous) drip and additional pre-op procedures.

You will then be taken to the operating room where the anesthesiologist will utilize the type of anesthesia you have discussed and then you will undergo your procedure.


You will be monitored for a minimum of several hours after your procedure before being discharged. It is required that you arrange for an escort (friend, family member, co-worker, etc.) to take you home and to discuss and sign care instructions before you may be discharged. These care instructions will also be provided to you in a written form.

A nurse will call to follow up a day or two after your surgery, but if you should experience any complications before that time it is advised that you immediately contact your surgeon or visit your closest emergency care center.